Jennifer Wasson

Mission, Late Afternoon

San Francisco, California

Jennifer Wasson was born in Manhattan, New York and began painting at an early age under the tutelage of her mother, an artist and art teacher herself. As a young adult, she studied oil painting at The Art Students League of New York for two years before moving to the West Coast. For the past eight years she has been living and painting the urban landscape in San Francisco, California.

“There has probably never been a more important time than now for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve resources. Most artists I know are very concerned about the state of the environment. Yet, ironically, the process of making art can be quite toxic, polluting and wasteful. But, small steps like painting on recycled materials can make a difference if we all take part. I also encourage fellow oil painters to consider taking a few other steps. Use ‘extra mild citrus thinner’ to mix in with your medium and less toxic vapors will be released into the atmosphere and your lungs. Clean your brushes with mineral oil (a.k.a. baby oil) as opposed to mineral spirits. It works well and can be disposed of in the trash. And please… if you insist on using mineral spirits to clean your brushes, never ever dump it down the drain. It will end up in the ocean or groundwater and it’s highly toxic to all life forms. It must be disposed of as hazardous waste.”Jennifer Wasson