Joelle Cathleen

Nature’s Hour

Stafford, Virginia

Joelle put herself through school and graduated at the age of 27 from the University of Mary Washington Studio Art. She is a native of Maryland and moved to Virginia in 1988. Joelle is now a part time bartender and private art teacher for children. Her Utopia is to own the best art supply shop for procrastinating artists, open from 10:00am-4:00am. “Art Supply on the Fly.”

“My purpose as an artist is to COMMUNICATE. To reveal something new in what we as a SOCIETY see, hear, smell, think, and feel around ourselves everyday without a second thought. To make a SPARK that ignites a lost thought and burns a once forgotten memory into your soul. My motivation is not what I’m trying to say to the world. It’s more personal and individual. It’s about what, YOU, the viewer, says to yourself when you experience what you see. I anticipate a silent response. ONE that no one can hear but you. And what you say to yourself, in return, is what it’s all about.”Joelle Cathleen