Joy Engelman


Central West, New South Wales, Australia

Joy, an artist living in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia, is well known for her landscape paintings, artworks and images, including photographs, of the region and western desert. Joy works in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, drawings in conte crayon and other media. She’s had many group and solo exhibitions in Sydney (Holdsworth Galleries), Canberra, Bathurst and the Blue Mountains. In December 2007, Joy exhibited a large landscape painting of the western desert at the Florence Biennale in Italy as an invited artist. Joy was awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award for her triptych.

"Love the idea of recycling hubcaps reminiscent of the tradition of 'painted milkcans'. The past dream of painting a car but not realised (yet) but a start. Aussies love running over their iconic animals; they must as we see road kill everywhere along the roadside. The music 'Gotta Make It On Time". The Thunderbird hubcap retrieved from a car yard where the spirits of many past roadkill animals must still reside, and indeed, a car that may have taken out a few kangaroos in its own time. The Outback where this car would have run free! The setting sun on the horizon blinding the driver's eyes! All ideas combine in this artwork!"Joy Engelman