Julie Westall


Spring Hill, Tennessee

Growing up in central Kansas, Julie began her stained glass journey in 1986, working in a small studio while attending college. After raising a family and many years of business oriented careers, Julie returned to stained glass in 2005. The play of light and color fascinates her; as well as, the fragile yet rigid nature of the glass itself. The off mixture of creativity and structure is a perfect fit for her artistic expression and detail oriented nature.

“Incorporating unusual materials into traditionally flat stained glass panels can be a challenge. Upon hearing of the Landfillart Project, I was excited by the possibility of incorporating my scrap glass pieces with a previously discarded hubcap. Both of these materials could be brought back to life together to become something new and beautiful. Using red, yellow and orange pieces of scrap glass from previous projects, a pattern emerged that quickly became a symbol of the state of our economy today.”Julie Westall