Kathleen Mchugh

Pynchon’s Ride, Or, Stencil Is Still Looking For V

Seattle, Washington

Kathleen received a BFA from the Cornish Institute. She is an international award winning painter. Her work has been published in many books, films and articles throughout the years. Kathleen’s work was published in " The Book of Contemporary Women Artists " winter 2010, which will be archived in the Library of Congress, the Rutgers University Library that specializes in women studies, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

"I work as a teaching artist with a non-profit in Seattle, Washington dedicated to teaching environmental lessons through the arts. This Landfillart Project provides a way for me to broaden the local discussion about connections between art and environmental initiatives. When I opened the box and saw the hubcap made during a bygone era. I thought of how symbolic the automobile is with popular American culture from ‘cruising’ to ‘hitting the open road.’"Kathleen Mchugh