Kathryn Henne

Sobriety Clock

Seattle, Washington

Kathryn’s grandmother made all kinds of art, mostly using textiles and that is what inspired Kathryn’s artistry. Her work encompasses, sewing, pottery, porcelain dolls making, painting, stained glass, and mosaic pieces. She attended many college classes and workshops to hone her skills as an artist.

“This is a sobriety clock, using the coins that are given for each year of sobriety as the hours on the clock. The idea is that you have as much time as you have and wishing it were more or less is not useful in staying in today. It is mounted on a mirror to reflect back the growth each sober hour brings to those who choose to remain clear eyed and present. The keys are for the willingness to take the steps towards accepting a higher power who will fill that emptiness inside, and give comfort as we grow through the work.”Kathryn Henne