Kathy Skerritt

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

Cleveland, Ohio

Kathy is a native of Cleveland and graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University with a BFA in painting. Intellectual influences include Carl Jung, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Victor Frankl. Artistic influences include Picasso’s forceful overriding of Renaissance perspective in his Cubist consideration; Yves Klein’s pure color monochromes; Gustav Klimt’s “horror vacuii” as a call to fill the void and his transformation of the mortal into the iconic through luminescent embellishment; Antoni Gaudi’s extravagant architectural forms and surface treatments and his aesthetic response to nature altogether; and the “multi-dimensional light imagery” and “prior unity” consideration of Adi Da Samraj. In 2004, Kathy was invited to participate as one of only 20 artist from around the world to be featured in the extraordinary International Portfolio Project being developed by the Colours of Freedom Foundation of Toronto, Canada to raise funds for its Children’s Peace Initiatives.

“I chose to participate because it was a bit of a crazy idea but mainly, I appreciate the collective focusing on the central conservation issues.”Kathy Skerritt