Kevin Caron

Mustang Sally

Phoenix, Arizona

Born in Stratford, Connecticut, in 1960, Kevin Caron didn't stay there long. His family moved to Florida when he was still a boy, and then before too much longer, to Arizona, where he lives today.
People often ask him what brought him to this Southwestern paradise. "My parents said, 'Get in the car,'" he replies. During his service in the U.S. Navy, Kevin maintained aircraft support equipment in Misawa, Japan, on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and Yuma, Arizona. When the Navy insisted he serve on an actual ship, this desert rat decided to instead return to Buckeye, Arizona, where he ran a foreign car repair shop for a dozen years.
His interest in fixing vehicles next led to driving them. Kevin drove a tractor trailer for 13 years. He also traveled the world, enjoying the cultures and people he met along the way. During that time, he began turning his eye toward sculpture. He worked part time at his art for a handful of years before becoming a full-time artist in 2006.Today he lives with his wife, their dog and cat in Phoenix in the shadow of Camelback Mountain.

“As someone who drives a Prius and uses solar energy in his home, I very much like the idea of giving new life to items that have been discarded, and in fact often use found materials in my sculptures. I also was a foreign car mechanic for many years. So incorporating the hubcaps into a piece was a natural for me…”Kevin Caron