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Lena Tedeblad

The Golden Edition Of Swedish Horsepower

Rosersberg, Sweden

Lena was born 1971 in Stockholm, Sweden. She has an art studio in Rosersberg, Sweden, where she works with acrylic on canvas. Her artwork can be found all over Sweden and she’s sold her work in Malaga, England, Ukraine and United States.


"When I first was contacted by Ken Marquis from Landfillart project and he asked me if I wanted to participate in this project to collect old hubcaps that litter in the environment and paint on them, I first thought it was a strange idea. How to paint on the old hubcaps? I have always found it fun to paint on other materials than just canvas but have never tried to paint on metal. I have just painted on glass and pieces of wood before. But the more I thought about it and then saw how much the hubcaps that actually exist out there in nature so there was no reason to hesitate. As a true environmentalist, I have always tried to learn as I live. I took up the challenge and painted horses in gold on an old Volvo hubcap from the sixties. I called it 'The golden edition of Swedish horse power'."Lena Tedeblad