Lorraine Kwan

Time Travelers, A Spiral Puzzle

Vancouver, Canada

Lorraine graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada, and has spent her lifetime as an exhibiting artist.

“Half my time as an artist is devoted to recycling plastic so I was very interested when I saw the artist’s call for the Landfillart Project. I found my hubcap sitting by the side of the road and upon closer inspection I could see that the back clips were slightly damaged. Yes, I have been known to pick up garbage and, yes, the rules of ‘finders-keepers’ would apply here. I have never really looked at hubcaps much before and for awhile it supplanted my bird watching. And once you are looking, abandoned hubcaps, like sparrows, seem to turn up everywhere, an unfortunate comment on the current dirty state of affairs. Do your part to recycle, the future depends on it.”Lorraine Kwan