Lorrain Mailer

O+M = Values/Opportunity + Morals = Values

Tunbridge Wells, Tennessee

Lorrain received a BA in information graphic design from Middlesex University. She studied foundation in art and design at Brighton University and has a CAM certificate in communications, advertising and marking from the London Institute of Marketing. Lorrain has specialized in corporate design and literature for multi-national companies and merchant banks in London. She is an internationally showing contemporary artist.

"My work takes as its main theme a notion of what might be termed ‘the value of things.’ I use traditional and non-traditional media to show my profound concern with society’s obsession with commercialism and the effect that this has on our lives and relationships. It is a Western obsession to waste, disregard and abandon. Like a hubcap that has been fashioned for a single end use; once the car becomes obsolete or the hubcap spins off into the verge, the hubcap becomes worthless junk, an eyesore. Yet it is still a beautiful object and can find another use – in art, therapy, consulting etc. I feel the hubcap is a reminder of our callousness in society if we do not conform, which can be detected in all walks of life. I hope I have made a funny, intriguing, and poignant visual statement that has the power to both amuse and provoke in this international ‘landfill’ art incentive."Lorrain Mailer