Mary Guidetti-Mccoll

Ice Age Mystic

River Edge, New Jersey

Mary loves to interpret the effects of sunlight in a landscape and through intimate nature studies.  In the impressionist spirit , the use of color and painterly approach is expressed throughout the body of work. Also a portrait artist, illustrator, and art teacher, Mary enjoys developing her own ideas which derive from her travels and her local environment. Her education includes Moore College of Art where she received a Bachelor of Fine arts in Painting and a Bachelor  of Science in Art Education. She studied commercial illustration and painting at Parson's School of Design in Paris and New York City. Later she returned to William Paterson University to study sculpture with master artist Ming Fay and received a Master of fine Art in Sculpture. Mary has received numerous awards and her work can be seen in galleries throughout New England, the mid-Atlantic Region, and Florida. She paints portraits on commission and works with designers and architects.

"I love the idea of recycling objects because I believe that most materials can endure many incarnations. The idea of transforming a well designed utilitarian object that has become obsolete into a new aesthetic one subtly expresses the idea of rebirth regeneration and the possibility of the eternal. The hubcaps in a way transcend their original purpose for existence. The variety of responses manifested in a diverse number artist's interpretation bring the idea to its full potential. I wanted to be a part of the collective consciousness that sustains the integrity of the landfill art project."Mary Guidetti-Mccoll