Miho Watanabe

Awareness of Between-ness: Tree Hugger

Glebe, Australia

Miho has been working as a professional commercial/editorial photographer, which led her to create her artworks using photography. She is currently studying her Masters by Research in Fine Art at COFA, University of UNSW in Australia. Creating artworks for Miho is creating “Awareness of Between-ness”, which is the doorway to the concealed realm. Her work creates photography as a means of memory and painting as a means of connection in between reality and the concealed realm. She uses photography, painting and mixed media to explore the concept of ‘between-ness’ and attempts to create the ‘invisible’ subject ‘visible’.

“First of all, this project touched my heart. I am interested in environmental art which unite us as human beings and others including non living substances; rocks, trees, animals, metal, air, alloy, life, and man made materials. I felt I needed to take a part of this project when I got an email from Ken!”Miho Watanabe