Mike Farruggia

Fender Bender

Emeryville, California

Mike has been artistically repurposing objects for most of his adult life. Nearly 20 years ago he spent a year passionately turning an old Volkswagen bus into a pool table. Soon after, Mike transformed an AMC Pacer into a fish tank. He graduated from The California College of Arts and Crafts, completed a residency at The San Francisco Dump, and created numerous pieces of furniture and art out of materials such as: wine barrels, milk crates, street signs, bicycle parts, salvaged wood and computer parts.


“Repurposing existing materials into art (and artistic furniture) is what I naturally find myself thinking about and ultimately doing. This project so clearly and repetitiously shows that a multitude of interesting art can be created from existing and otherwise discarded objects. Further, it is exciting to be linked up with a community of like-minded people creating awareness of the reusability of objects. I’d like to participate and be a part of this world-wide effort.”Mike Farruggia