Nancy Mellon

Helga's Left Cup

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Nancy is a multi media artist happily living and creating in the art community of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  From 2006-2009 she has gotten into some wonderful art mischief in partnership with artist Corrine Bayraktaroglu.  They created and curate one of the wackiest venues for an art gallery in the world. The Chamber Pot Gallery is in the public restrooms of the Yellow Springs Train Station.  As Corrine says "It's a Loo with a View." As part of the Jafagirls an eclectic group of women artists  Nancy has brought to the community a series of offbeat public art projects- the Knit Knot Tree (a real tree in front of the local coffee shop that is covered in bright swathes of knitted yarn and added pockets filled with jokes poems gifts and pictures) which garnered a lot of community joy and international attention over a dreary grey winter;  the Textile Totems Project has all the poles some of the benches and some of the trees on Dayton Street covered in yarn knitting plastic bag knitting embroidered felt Camo Barbies plaster cast noses and other stuff.  The Jafagirls have an ongoing project of peppering the town with Free-found Art.  Nancy also works in traditional mediums of canvas and clay but from there she takes off to where ever her fancy leads her.  Currently she is grappling with how to use the 'canness' of a crushed can support and working with covering recycled things with intricate patterns in felt.

"I have been doing a lot of work with recycled art the last couple of years  and this project sounded like fun.  It sparks my imagination to find a way to make art out of 'trash'.  The potential for laughter and joy is there in everything.  It just takes creativity and time to make things that make me very happy and doing public art or leaving found art spreads the happiness on to whoever comes across it.  The Jafagirls have been asked when we do yarn bombing shouldn't we use the yarn for a more useful purpose and what we feel is we are creating community and magic by turning trash into joy."Nancy Mellon