Paul Rowntree


Columbus, Ohio

Paul studied painting at St Martin's School of Art in London, England. He has worked in Montreal, New York City and New York’s Hudson Valley as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for over 30 years. His work has been used by many large corporations such as IBM, Whirlpool and Volkswagen. Paul has recently returned to painting using as his subjects the landscapes and vegetation of the Hudson Valley and Texas where he divides his time. “I am interested in the traditional skills of painting and drawing but I try to see my subject with a non-traditional eye. Lately I have become more focused on the intimate details of a landscape. What interests me is the reality of a small section of the landscape - the hidden world revealed. I use paint to explore the moments between realism and illusion.” Paul showed his work for the first time in Texas in 2006. He continues to explore the imagery and mystery of close up observation of reeds and grasses. His work has been exhibited twice at The Salmagundi Club in New York and in galleries throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Texas.

“I paint grasses and reeds because they always surprise me. The closer I get to them the more they reveal and yet a certain mystery remains. Every place I have painted has presented its own particular reed or grass. The slender pale green grasses of Rhode Island that turns almost white in the heat of the summer. The red stalked prairie grass of the Texas Hill Country. The lush reeds that line the apple orchard ponds in New York and now the subtle color changes in the wetlands of Ohio. The dominant colors in my palette tend to differ from place to place. In winter everything changes.”Paul Rowntree