Pena Bonita

See The Usa In Your Chevrolet

New York, New York

Pena is a Native American Artist of Apache and Oklahoma Seminole descent. An artist of many talents, she is a print maker, a photographer, an art therapist and costume designer. She is currently working on her MFA at Hunter College. Her most recent works utilize apples in various states of decay, from which she creates the faces of Native Americans. The decaying apple is a metaphor for the transformation of what was once something beautiful into something useless and artificial. It represents the loss of meaning in our daily lives, the loss of harmony with the natural world.

“Because of the political climate and the reflections of a historical Washington merry go round 'need for change' it was easy to see reflections created in the goal of this project of the American Apple Pie on Rt. 66.”Pena Bonita