Randina Casenza

The Four Quarters

Richmond, California

Randina has been an artist all her life, but she found a home in mosaics in 2005. She particularly loves the meditative quality of working with a wide variety of broken pieces to create a new beautiful whole. The possibilities are endless, as are the materials one can use. Randina has studied extensively at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California, and now teaches there in the Institute’s new home in Berkeley, California.

“The recycle, reuse aspect to this project appealed to me; taking something as mundane as a metal hubcap and creating something beautiful from it. The Four Quarters in this piece represent the four directions and their correspondence: North: green, earth, winter, East: yellow, air, spring, South: red, fire, summer, West: blue, water, autumn, all turning in their cyclical nature like the wheels on an automobile.”Randina Casenza