Rick Rogers

American Trash

Seattle, Washington

Rick came from a working class family in Seattle, where art was not encouraged. It wasn’t until he had graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in psychology and had traveled to Europe, that he began to be interested in creating art. Rick had moved to New York City and had begun taking drawing and painting classes at the Art Students League, before moving to Boston to attend the School of Museum of Fine Art full time, where he received a Diploma, and Fifth Year Independent Study Certificate. Rick had three children while in Boston, and in 1991 returned to Seattle, where he has continued to work.

“I heard about this project from my friend, Pattie Young, she thought I should participate, and when I looked at the site, I knew it was something I needed to do! I had worked for many years making assemblages with re-purposed materials, and felt this project was a natural for me. I am proud to be a participant.”Rick Rogers