Robert Griffith

Chevy Artifact Table

Hallstead, Pennsylvania

Robert Griffith has been a practicing artist, craftsman, and designer for over thirty five years. Academic background includes BFA and MFA degrees. The artist continues to be engaged as a professional artist and educator with work commissioned, collected, exhibited, and published extensively in the United States and abroad. His work can be found in public collections of the National Gallery of Art, the Springfield State Museum, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Robert Griffith is Professor of Art at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

"LANDFILLART demonstrates a coalescence of creativity and global environmental stewardship. The project introduces new creative considerations for the participants in consort with a responsibility for the sustainability of the planet. The hubcap is a visual metaphor which raises questions, provokes thought, and offers creative response in the tradition of contemporary art theory and practice."Robert Griffith