Shannon Amidon

Mermaid Relic

San Jose, California

Shannon was born and raised in San Jose, CA. her artwork is described as photo-based mixed media and alternative process photography. Her subjects often involve objects she has found in nature or collected in her travels such as: feathers, seed pods, butterflies, and flowers. Using Xerox transfers, hand distressing, painting and other non silver techniques, she creates unique pieces that reflect the mysterious and natural world around her. It is her intention to blur the lines between fine art and traditional photography by altering, layering and distressing her photographs. Shannon has participated in many gallery and alternative space exhibits throughout the US. She is a member of many arts organizations in the Bay Area and is active in the arts community.

“All of my artwork is inspired by natural history. The earth and all of its elements are vital to me. Being able to create art from reclaimed materials (like a hubcap) is natural to me. I am thrilled to be a part of the Landfillart Project. It is a wonderful way to be connected with artists from all over the world in a shared pursuit.”Shannon Amidon