Sue Donaldson

Hubcap Symphony – Round & Round

Kingwood, Texas

Sue graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania majoring in advertising with a minor in photography. During her four years, she took numerous courses in fine arts painting, printmaking and graphic design. After a successful career in elementary education, she works full time painting with acrylics on canvas, paper and through a newly discovered opportunity: hubcaps. Her artistic choices and inspiration comes from things she loves: nature, shapes, people, color, travel and the never-ending search for her artistic voice. Her work has won awards and is in private and corporate collections.

“The opportunity to take ‘a throw-away’ apply my artistic process to it and turn it from trash to art was a karmic thrill. Instead of using the hubcap as a straightforward metal canvas, I thought of it as an ever-turning scenario of my idealized stylistic vision as I traveled the roads and highways from Houston to Austin, Texas. The viewer may also take any destination of their desire.”Sue Donaldson