Tamiko Kawanta

Buick Milking/ Tribute To Louise Bourgeois

New York, New York

Tamiko graduated from Tokyo University of Education Tokyo, Japan and has been a United States citizen since 2004. Tamiko has a studio in Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Tamiko is a mixed media artist, exhibiting work in sculpture, installation, and 2-D works in the United States and Japan.

“I believe in participating in the activities for preserving the earth, for healthy earth, for happy lives, for all kind. I use waste materials for my art works very often. It started soon after I arrived from Japan seeing the big wasteful life style in this country, observing so many beautiful materials going to trash. I feel it is a challenge to use them well for art works and I enjoy achieving a quality goal as much as I can. And I hope it will help people’s awareness what is going to trash and how creativity can turn the things for beautiful asset for our life. I hope my piece has matched to this goal.”Tamiko Kawanta