Tim Shields

American Motors

Haines, Alaska

 Tim has been doing art of all kinds for about 40 years. Starting as a professional wildlife artist in Alaska in the early 1980’s he has done watercolors, pen and ink and, later, collage. For the past decade Tim has made sculptures on desert plots where he is a professional researcher working on desert tortoises. Tim is moving in the direction of commentary art as he extends his run on the planet. Tim would like to use his artist’s tools to talk to the rest of his species.


“I received the hubcap- a plain silver disk of metal with the words ‘American Motors’ etched in black. The news at the time was filled with news of the BP Gulf oil disaster. BP was working for everyone that burns their gasoline- we all share the blame for the mess the oil companies are making of our world. I burn oil but I am trying to burn less and less. I think this is a great project- taking old objects and shipping them around the world to see what reactions they provoke. Art is communication. I was pleased to add my comment to the collection.”Tim Shields