Valerie Brennan

The Dodo Hubcap

Topec, Mexico

Valerie, was born in Limerick City, Ireland in 1973. She attended the Limerick College of Art & Design, graduating in 1997. She moved to Cyprus in 1999 to complete a post graduate degree at the Lemba College of Art. Her recent work is concerned with the city at night alternating from a nocturnal panorama to a closer private street view. Using the ill described urban spaces defined only by street, house and traffic lights (often the only activity is the passing airplanes) she works on a series of smaller scale panels simultaneously that combine and build into a unit.

"I really liked the idea from the get go and I am happy to be part of a project that highlights the environment and issues of recycling. The metal canvas is such a unique way to express our concerns allowing each artist to make a positive contribution. Together they make an engaging visual statement. It gave me an opportunity to try something new and I enjoyed the challenge."Valerie Brennan