Vicki Lee

I Put a Spell on You

Bowling Green, Ohio

Vicki is an artist living in Bowling Green, Ohio. She attended BGSU, the Toledo Museum of Art School of Design through the University of Toledo. She is a graduate of Kettering College of Medical Arts. Vicki recently worked for seven and a half years as a Silicone Painter and character finisher for one of the world’s leading animatronic companies. She enjoys oil painting, watercolors, and drawing…and she’s a cat lover.

“This reclamation project appealed to me on several levels. The idea of turning that was once useful but now considered ‘trash’ back into something useful again is wonderful. Every artist brings his or her unique creativity to the lowly hubcap so it celebrates art, imagination, and LIFE! And I love the 80/20 concept as well. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this project.”Vicki Lee