Wyatt L. Gragg

And Then There Were 7

Prospect, Kentucky

Throughout Wyatt’s twenty-three years as a professional bronze sculptor, he has considered himself a storyteller. His work is heavy in texture, often showing tool trails and fingerprints, compelling the viewer to touch his work and enjoy the tactile sensation. Wyatt’s work is inspired by the outdoors, animals and plant life, all elements found in his sculptures. He does commission work for gardens, landscape focal points and interior sculpture pieces. His sculpture can be seen publically in memorials, cemeteries and municipal areas.


“I often say that I learned more about the real world as a boy growing up in the country than I did in school. The most important concept I learned and the one I tried hardest to pass on to my sons is that while animals and people may come and go we only have one earth. If we are not very careful ‘and then there were 7 will become “and then there were zero.”Wyatt L. Gragg