Anne Stahl


San Luis Obispo, California

Anne was born in Germany in 1968, but spent the formative years of her life in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied and graduated with a distinction in 1994. She has represented Ireland nationally and internationally on many occasions. One of which was in a meeting with former US president Bill Clinton. Anne’s paintings are abstract visions of landscapes, and her recent series ‘bog’ and ‘the marina project’ deal with the beauty of endangered places and the desire and need to help protect them. Anne has exhibited in many group and solo shows throughout Europe, the United States, and Australia. She has received a number of highly regarded awards, and is collected by banks, the BBC, and auction houses. Since 1999 Ann has moved to the United States where she hopes to remain and work on new paintings.

“Nature and the environment are important to me and my work. Most of my inspiration is drawn from nature and my visions have enabled me to see how we (humans) are destroying nature. The motto 'Reduce and Recycle' is one of the many ways I believe we can improve our relationship to nature. The Landfillart Project brings together two important elements, environmental conservation and art.”Anne Stahl