David Lambert

Dodge Flier

Jackson, Mississippi

David was inspired at an early age to become an artist, not by way of trips to art museums or discovering a book on Rembrandt, rather he found his inspiration in the pages of the Sunday funnies and comic books. This influence is still evident in his work today. His use of bright, often flat colors, extreme perspectives and outlines can be traced to hours spent reading comics then even longer hours spent drawing what he saw in them. Later, other art movements and specific artists were also important to his present style: surrealism, pop art, expressionism, the works of Max Beckman, Giorgio de Chirico, Picasso, Otto Dix and Alexander Calder. In addition to his paintings, Lambert creates a surprising world of objects, some figurative and others abstract, that are full of life and wit.

"Working with found objects and discarded materials has long been a part of art. Not particularly for environmental reasons but because as a society we are too quick to toss things away. From an old worn child’s building blocks to an entire building built in the ‘30s because it’s deemed outdated. These items possess an inherent character of their own and are deserving of rediscovering in new ways.”David Lambert