Joe Dimino

Recycled Art Mouth

Belton, Missouri

Joe's work is rich in color, multi-layered and thought provoking. His ability to manipulate a variety of mediums and types of canvas enables his work to cove4r a wide spectrum of focus and ideas. His mediums include: wood, canvas, oil, acrylic, watercolor, machinery parts, pine cones, wires and other assorted pieces of human consumption. He has been painting since 1996. His newest venture is a Traveling Artwork Project that is aimed at giving away artwork to strangers around America and throughout the world.

"I continually try to find unique projects to broaden my artistic horizons and to genuinely be a part of a larger whole. The landfillart project makes complete sense to me as an eco-friendly art endeavor and it provided a very unique opportunity for me to expand my creative brain. Overall, I felt the coolness of such an endeavor and looked forward to taking the leap into something brand new."Joe Dimino