Michael Foley


Milpitas, California

Michael is an artist from the San Francisco bay area. Many of his works deal with different specific themes, some regarding social issues important to the man, whether or not society is ready to face them. Themes of identity and culture, and their potential loss. The dangers of capitalism and consumerism run amok. Even challenging the notions of Image beauty and bringing forth the detrimental effects it can cause. His work has been categorized as urban art, even low brow art to some traditional galleries. He is completely self-taught in all mediums, regardless of digital or analogue realms. Michael has shown in various galleries and private exhibits throughout the US and internationally.

“I chose to be involved in the Landfillart Project, because I was gravitated to the idea of taking a piece of refuge and turning it into a piece of art to be enjoyed by people. I believe that we are a culture too obsessed with the need to always have the latest and greatest. We compete without peers in a game that causes us to lose more than we will ever gain. This is but a small way to show that we can re-use more often than we may think.”Michael Foley