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Niamh O'Connor


Ballinode, County Monaghan, Ireland

Niamh uses her love of wax medium to make real her portrayal of the world. Her unique take is represented in her one of a kind encaustic collages and encaustic hot wax monotypes in a way that is both intuitive and measured, much like the processes she incorporates into her work. Working in Encaustic medium the inherent qualities of the wax, translucency, texture and light work well to enhance this artist’s subject matter. Niamh’s subject matter is led by her daily life, her history and her today, her transition from City to Rural Country living, a new awareness of real seasons and environment, politics, news, children and the things found in their pockets, she explores ideas of growth, and other images and ideas of an autobiographical nature. Her work is held in private collections throughout Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium and France and she is proud to be associated in this way with Landfillart.org.

"I work in my small arts practice with mostly recycled repurposed items and findings, most of my canvas is salvaged board and old wood panel and to that I add the most natural of products, beeswax and tree sap resins, as a family we compost recycle and rethink our waste – I want my children to understand that because of us the earth is perhaps NOT eternal– this project grabbed my attention and held it! This is one planet, one world and we all have perhaps but one chance to make a difference – this hubcap and my art are the small difference I can make today and my HUB art is a very small stamp of encouragement to others to rethink recycle reuse repurpose & and rediscover the natural beauty that is our world."Niamh O'Connor