Romney Shelton Collins

Where we have been. Where are we going?

Maxwelton, West Virginia

Romney is a native of Burke, Virginia. She credits drawing courses at the College of Southern Maryland as spurring her interest in art. Romney teaches art on a regular basis in West Virginia as well as Port. St. Lucie, Florida where she resides during the winter months. Since the completion of her Burgundy Farm Art Studio in Maxwelton, West Virginia, she offers workshops and classes in oil to students of all levels. Romney has been selected by The University of Charleston as one of West Virginia’s top one hundred women painters with work in permanent display at the University.

“This project spoke to me right away, for a couple of reasons. Most recently I have been thinking back to a different era. One of less stress, slower pace life, saving things because they can be used again. My father recycled before it became a necessity. I remember slivers of soap in a jar, aluminum foil pieces wrapped in a ball. Nails were driven out of old board and stored for another project. My family also enjoyed rides through our property in a 1926 Touring Packard, one of my father’s treasures along with a 1941 Lincoln. The Lincoln is still in the family. So my hubcap honors where we have been and asks where are we going?”Romney Shelton Collins