RL Croft

Wattle Tocsin

Manassas, Virginia

Robin graduated in 1980 from Virginia Commonwealth University, with honors and a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Born in North Carolina, Robin spent his childhood through adolescence living in a small southern Virginia town. As a youth, Robin obtained summer employment in construction, retail and factory work. After graduation from college, he moved to Northern Virginia and worked in concrete form carpentry on the Route 66/Orange Line construction project. Robin then began a variety of jobs in technical illustration, production art, graphic design and art direction. From 1980 to1992 Robin found himself in a period of abstention, in which self-promotion, competitions and exhibitions were avoided. It was during these years of false starts, discarded canvases and frustration about how to approach his pictures that Robin transitioned from oil-on-canvas to wall-hung works with sculptural elements. Robin’s confidence and sculpture scale increased. His participation in over thirty exhibits throughout the Washington, DC metro area, numerous reviews and award winning work allowed Robin to construct a studio in 2003 to become a fulltime artist and stay at home dad for his two daughters.


"Wattle, tocsin is a makeshift, porous perimeter offering scant protection from the vicissitudes of life. Anyone hiding behind it will find no weapons and little cover from attack. A chained, metal strut hangs at the ready to clang out a warning to one’s fellow refugees. Cobbled together from lightweight cultural detritus that allows for quick decampment, the barrier offers a wheeled retreat at the sign of danger."RL Croft